Scan-Shipping operates a department devoted solely to the coordination of global
Aid & Relief cargo. Our experience, hands on approach and our determination to create specific solutions for each new shipment, are attributes Scan-Shipping’s
clients have come to rely on.

Working with both major and smaller relief organizations, via sea, air or land,
Scan-Shipping Aid & Relief activities cover the globe.

movement of humanitarian cargo

Whether goods need to move by air to Lubumbashi, or via ocean to Lilongwe, we have the contacts and know-how to effectively meet our client’s requirements. If chartering is necessary, we have the experience to secure aircraft or ocean vessels, no matter the size or location.

24 hours aid & relief logistic

Scan-Shipping take to heart the crucial efforts that bring food, medicine, and shelter to persons in need. We are here to offer logistical support that will swiftly and reliably deliver Aid & Relief.

Ro/Ro aid & relief, on demand humanitarian cargo

Scan-Shipping are on call 24 hours a day to help first responders reach natural disasters or the aftermath of war and political upheaval, quickly and assuredly.

For more information, aidrelief@scan-shipping.com