Case Study: Delivery of 9 RMQCs (STS) from India to Turkey

Project Specifications: 9 Rail-Mounted-Quay-Cranes from Pipavav to Asyaport
Scan-Shipping has completed the delivery of 9 units fully erected Rail-Mounted-Quay-Cranes from Pipavav, India to Asyaport /Tekirdag, Turkey.

The relocation included 3 units of 13 rows with the outreach boom of 13 container width combined, each cranes weighted 1,600 tons. We utilized the pull & tug winching method for the load out of India, and by skidding method on temporary constructed rails for off load in Turkey. The contract included 2 units recorded to be the world heaviest Super-PostPanamax Cranes weighing 2,400 tons each.

In total, we delivered 4 units (22 rows), 2 units (24 rows) and 3 units (13 rows). Scan-Shipping is proud to be the main contractor for this mobilization project.

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